Backpack Essentials

Backpack Essentials

Whenever you want to go out, the last thing you think of is always “what should I carry with me?”. At times when you are already late, this is one of the major questions that hikes up your anxiety. Sometimes you even end up forgetting half the things. 

So just to make your day a little easier, here’s a check list of all the essential items you NEED to have in your bag. 

Wallet and keys: Put this on a priority. To carry all your cash, coins and cards, this is a must whenever you go out of your house. And you do need to come back so do not forget your keys.

Earbuds: If you are traveling alone, you need to carry earbuds. It makes receiving calls much easier while you are multitasking. Or if you just want to block out the daily noise.

A spare mask and sanitizer: after covid 19, it has become essential to carry both mask and sanitizer whenever you are out in public. Better be safe than sorry!

A small notebook: a notebook never runs out of battery. Notebooks help you stay organized and give you a central location to keep notes, receipts, and gives you always available paper to jot down anything you need. It helps end random scraps of paper ending up in your bag, crumpled in a pocket, or lost forever.

A pen: Keep one with you all the time as you’ll never know when you’ll ever need one. Even though most of our work is done online nowadays, it doesn’t hurt to keep a pen on you. It is also a great weapon and tool in times of crisis!

First aid items: simply stuff like wet wipes, painkillers and band aids. For all those cuts and bruises when you are out, use your wet wipes and band aids to avoid any kind of infections.  

To do list diary: just so you don’t miss out on anything you were supposed to do for the day. To do lists help in effectively tracking when your work is due can help you prioritize and get great work done.

Mints or Meds: got a lunch date or meeting? Or even just unexpectedly meeting someone new. Keep some mints handy as they might save you from being embarrassed by bad breath. That’s not it, never forget your basic SOS medicines. Check these for their expiry date and keep them on you always.

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