Creative Ways To Use an Old Dated Planner

Creative Ways To Use an Old Dated Planner


It's always difficult to part from your old planners. Especially the ones that you haven't used and all those pretty pages are just sitting there empty.

No worries! We have some fabulous ideas to fill all your pages with creativity!



The beauty of journaling is that there’s no right or wrong way to do it. It’s a deeply personal experience that can take many forms.While most writing is about opening up and sharing, journaling is more about looking inward and exploring what makes you tick. 

If it's your first time journaling, start small.

Track your daily mood and rate how you feel at the start and end of the day.

Doodle Away

We have all used our creative brains in between boring lectures on the sidelines of our textbooks. And they were pretty good too!

So why not fill an entire page with such funny doodles on a bus ride back home or just another boring day? Grab your pens (or pencils) and doodle away!

Learn a New Language

Instead of getting a new book for a habit that may or may not stick, start by taking notes on these unused pages.

You can always upgrade to a new book if it does stick tho!



Even though you can store thousands of pictures on your mobile phone or laptop, having a physical copy is always better. Get a copy printed and decorate the memory any way you like. Write down something you would like to remember even years after the day! 


Track your Fitness Goals

Trying to motivate yourself into eating healthier and working on your body? Start by writing down your plans. Writing it helps you focus on your task way more than just thinking about it. Plan your diets, your workouts, and then actually follow them. 

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