5 Home Decor Pieces That Will Appeal To The Minimalist In You

5 Home Decor Pieces That Will Appeal To The Minimalist In You

If “Just Keep It Simple” is what your heart wants, you are a true minimalist. 

Minimalism is simply an invigorating decor style that subtracts unnecessary clutter and makes your space look neat and organized. Minimal decor doesn't necessarily have to be boring and dull. You can add the necessary decor pieces, some color pop, and yet have a fine look. 

You can’t deny that a minimal interior gives a sense of ataraxia but sometimes it can make a place look cold and listless. To avoid this and make your home feel cozy and lovely, it is important to pair up your decor with accent pieces, colorful but small motifs and embellishments. 

Here are 5 home decor pieces that will appeal to the minimalist in you

Everlasting Florals

Getting some colorful flowers for your room is the easiest way to fill it with some life, energy and colors. Flowers make a very subtle addition to your minimal interior since they blend with any aesthetic without overpowering it yet adding some colors. We understand that maintaining live flowers is very tricky. Hence you can opt for Everlasting Flowers made from sola wood flakes. They are very easy to maintain and come with a fragrant spray. Set the bouquet with a simple and elegant vase and voila!. Your space will be exactly what you want it to be. 

image - a picture of everlasting artifical flowers in a vase

Aromatic Candles

A candle as a minimal decor piece is something to dote on. Candles not only have a decorative value but also bring a positive aura into your favorite room. The calm glowing glimmer of a soothing candle enhances the overall appearance of the room and its fragrance brings a refreshing twist to your living experience. 

image- a picture of lit scented candles

Trinket Box

A cute wooden box that not only adds to the aesthetics of your decor but is also a trendy upgrade to your casual jewelry organizer. It blends with your furniture with ease and still acts as a decor piece. If you love minimal decor and like being clutter-free, an aesthetically pleasing wooden organizer is a must-have. You can keep it on your dressing table, nightstand or even a side panel in your living room to store keys and other stationery. 

Image - a picture of collection box for cllecting memories or decorating your home

Cushion Covers

A soft comfy cushion is what makes your bed or couch a cozy and relaxing spot. It not only adds a sophisticated and luxurious touch to your living space but also makes it warm and welcoming. Get some fluffy cushion covers to spruce up your living room or bedroom and keep it as minimal as possible. You can try a lil bit of ethnic design which never fails to impress you with luxury or you can opt for plain neutrals according to your taste.

image- a picture of minimalist cushion covers by house of edi

A Tiny Rope Basket

A rope basket will give you a trendy place to stash stationery, toys, books, accessories and any other items. It's the perfect way to show off your style while still keeping your most-used items close at hand. The basket is made from strong cotton rope that is hand-woven and decorated in beautiful patterns. It's designed to look just like a decor statement, but it's also got plenty of storage space for your stuff.. No matter what you decide, this tiny little addition to your home decor will look great in any space! 

Image- a picture of tiny rope basket to keep your stationary organized

Some people are more suited to a minimalist style than others, but that doesn't mean you can't incorporate it into your existing home. With these tips, you should be able to build up a beautiful, minimalist room without breaking the bank.

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