5 Ways To Improve Productivity At Work

5 Ways To Improve Productivity At Work

Do you ever feel that despite stressing out the entire day, you could not do anything productive? You have so many tasks in your mind and many more on your work email. You start handling all the tasks but by the evening, your job list is even longer. 

We understand that sometimes it is really hard to focus on so many tasks and juggle your time. Often you are left asking yourself “where to start”

Here are some simple tips to manage your productivity in a better way.


One thing at a time!

You might find it a skill to be able to multitask but it is not always the right way to complete a job at hand. Start by completing the easiest tasks first and complete one at a time. You can also start by setting small goals and tasks. This will not only keep you on track but also ease off your workload. Sometimes an overwhelming project can become a cakewalk when you just check off your tasks systematically. 

Trust us, it is the fastest way to get things done.

Pause And Reset

Working long hours doesn’t always mean that you are getting an immense amount of work done. Sometimes a stressed-out mind can take hours to complete a task that should take minutes. Don’t let your mind, eyes and body burnout. It is important that you take quick breaks. Taking a 5 minute stroll or just closing your eyes and meditation helps a lot in improving concentration and boosting your mood. You can also pause and listen to some soothing music. If you are working from home, make sure you light some aromatic candles while resetting.

Get the essential stationery

We know that just like us you also love to collect and keep cute stationery. Get out your treasure and start using the To-Do Lists, Sticky Notes and Planner. Write down your daily tasks on to-do list and write down important things to remember on cute sticky notes and pin it on your headboard. 

It’s all about being alert

You are either a morning person or a night person. While setting your tasks and getting things done, make sure that you set aside bigger and more important tasks when you are most alert. Get your work done over a cup of morning coffee or refresh your brain with some evening chai and snacks. Understanding your comforts, strengths and weaknesses will help you to get right on track.

5 minutes and under

If you can get it done in under 5 minutes, do it immediately. You will be surprised to know how many small tasks you can get done in 1 hour. This of course doesn’t mean that you will get big projects done in 1 or 2 hours but it would surely be a stepping stone. 

Well, not every day can be perfect and sometimes you might feel lethargic and unproductive. That’s OKAY! You just need to get through that day, take a break and re-energize the next morning.

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