Let's have a Spring Fling this March!

Let's have a Spring Fling this March!

After the chilly winter months, spring is when the natural world resuscitates and regenerates. Plants that have been inactive during the winter start to grow anew in the spring, and animals who have been hibernating come out of their slumber.

Everything feels so fresh and colorful and there’s a new bounce after the bitter and cold winter. 

Add this vibe to your space with some of the prettiest stationary and home decor products out there!

Weekly Planner

With beautiful floral illustrations and bright colors like red, green and yellow, our Bloom With Grace Weekly planner makes for a perfect partner this season. Pretty both on the outside as well as inside! And the cute little stickers just add on to make it perfect. 

Image- a pictue of weekly planner by house of edi

Sugar Scrub 

Need something to take away your fatigue and help you relax? Want to add a little bounce before you start the day? Our Orchid and Cherry blossom sugar scrub is perfect for the task. The soothing blend of flower oils hydrate the skin while tiny sugar crystals leave you feeling thoroughly exfoliated and refreshed. 

Image- a picture of sugar srcub for your body by House of Edi

Incense Sticks

Wanna start your day with a calming scent? Floral fragrances like patchouli and lotus make your home feel heavenly and spread good vibes that last with you for an entire day. made using the best and most natural essences, oils and resins, these long-lasting incense sticks are perfect for relaxing yoga sessions, aromatherapy, mental healing and devotional rituals.

Image - A picture of insence sticks by House of Edi

Scented Candle

Who else is obsessed with making their house smell like fresh grass on a spring morning when the dew drops are still dripping from the leaves? If you are, we have just the candle for you! Our Soulful Garden Ombré Candle makes you feel like taking a walk down the woods. a unique scent that blends exotic rose and woody notes into a beautiful harmony.


Image - a picture of scented candles by House of edi

Everlasting Florals

It's the season of Flowers! But not all flowers last forever unlike our everlasting florals! Let the buds outside bloom all while decorating your home with our organic and eco friendly flowers. You have so many varieties to choose from too!

Sticky Notes

A perfect little addition to your stationery collection. With these cute little floral sticky notes, you can feel the warmest weather, the brightest sun, the finest flowers, while working at your desk. Jazz up your boring notes with a perfect spring fling!

Gift Wrapping Paper

You don't always need a reason to surprise your loved ones with gifts. And this season, with these amazing gift wrappers, we add a special touch to your gifts! 

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