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A Christmas Carol Everlasting Florals

A Christmas Carol Everlasting Florals

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    This unique arrangement of delicate scented flowers are made from eco-friendly materials like wood flakes, dried herbs and natural botanicals infused with zesty mandarin notes and a dash of spicy clove and comforting cinnamon will make the house look festive and ready for cheerful all year long.

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    Size: available in 3 sizes
    Small (5.5” dia)
    Medium (7.5” dia)
    Large (11” dia)

    This pack includes one Scent Spray bottle (5 ml)

    Note: Botanicals are subject to change depending on seasonality and availability. Due to the inherent nature of the dried flowers and botanicals, minor shredding and small breakages cannot be 100% avoided. But we will ensure that these flaws will never affect the overall aesthetic of the product and its ability for use as intended.

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