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Aadya – Loban Dhoop

Aadya – Loban Dhoop

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    Aadya is a blend of Loban.

    Is the very first power, the timeless one who was there before everything else emerged. It is also one of the most ancient fragrances known. Loban is the ritual dhoop made of ancient Indian purifier Balsamic resin. Aadya has the power to heal your soul.

    This pack of 12 luxury dhoop sticks is handcrafted with love and care by rural women of Gujarat by using the best natural essences, oils and resins. These long-lasting dhoop sticks are perfect for aromatherapy, mental healing and devotional rituals.

    PS: With every purchase, you are empowering and supporting the dreams of these tribal women.

    More Information

    • Contents: 12 luxury dhoop sticks.
    • Charcoal free.
    • Not Tested on Animals.
    • Handmade with Love.

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